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Constantly Changing Selection of used, reconditioned & rebuilt metalworking machinery

Blanchard Grinders
Blanchard Grinders
Used & Reconditioned
We sell Blanchard grinders of all models or sizes, both used and reconditioned. We will need to be informed of what magnetic chuck size is needed, how much vertical clearance is needed for your parts and if any extra horse power is required to do any deep cut grinding. Do you want wet or dry base type?
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Horizontal Boring Mills
Used & Reconditioned
We offer horizontal boring mills of all the most popular brands and sizes. Just tell us which spindle diameter, the table size and also the cross, saddle and vertical travels you’ll need. If you require a rotary table, a tail stock or facing head, do let us know. Contact us now for the right boring mill for you!
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OBI & Gap Presses
Used & Reconditioned
Obi and gap frame presses, we’ve sold since 1981. The majority of both obi & gap presses which we offer are Minster, Bliss, Komatsu or Aida but we also sell many other brands. Let us know what tonnage, stroke, SPM, shut height and a minimum bed size that will hold your dies. Also brands preferred.
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Straight Side Presses
Used & Reconditioned
Straight side presses are a specialty of ours. We offer Minsters, Bliss, Komatsus, Versons, Danlys, Niagara, Aida, Clearing and others. Tell us a tonnage, bed size, stroke length, speeds, shut height & the window size needed. If it has to be floor standing, let us know that.
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Reciprocating Surface Grinders
Used & Reconditioned
Surface grinders, all of the major brands, we now offer. We sell Mattison, Okamoto, Thompson, Chevalier, Kent, Brown & Sharpe, G&L and Supertec. We’ll just need to know which brand, the size chuck wanted, extra power requirements if any, needed grinding wheel dimensions and whether or not you will require incremental down- feed. Contact us now!
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Vertical Boring Mills
Used & Reconditioned
Vertical boring mills, we do sell. Vertical turret lathes or VTLs, we also provide. All brands like Bullard, Schiess Shibaura, Cincinnati, King, Webster & Bennet, Toshiba, Niles, Gray, etc. We’ll need to know the chuck diameter, vertical clearance you need and which type work heads you want (turret, ram, side).
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We specialize in Blanchard grinders, horizontal boring mills, obi and gap frame stamping presses, straight side stamping presses, reciprocating type surface grinders and vertical boring mills and/or vertical turret lathes (VTL). However, we do just want you to know that we do also deal in all the numerous other types of used and reconditioned metalworking machinery in use today. We try to be diversified in the types of machinery that we provide; for example, we offer a variety of metal fabricating machinery like brakes, shears, plate rolls, angle rolls, saws, straightening presses or regular hydraulic presses. Though not really our specialty, we do offer drills, knee mills, planer mills, engine lathes and jig borers. We provide miscellaneous metalworking machines like key seaters, balancing machines and heat treat ovens. No matter what type of machinery you are in the market for, contact us now to fill your needs of used or reconditioned metalworking machinery.

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